Monday, January 20, 2014

Fluke 189 Battery Pack

3.7v Lithium-Ion 1,900mAh

I was using the meter for data logging  (reference to my previous post
There is one problem, Battery life is too short  to be data logging(Approx. 48~72 hours) and it does not offer a wall adapter
Accordingly, I  make rechargeable battery pack. but Some restrictions apply.
if possible, preservation of original form., anytime restoration to the original state. ,This is my rule.
Battery charging

Fluke 189 Specifications


37μA quiescent current

16mA (W/o Backlight)

41.4mA (Backlight On.)

There is not much change even with the installing 1900mAh Recharge Batterry Pack
When  green off, it means the battery has finished charging.


MIC2251   : High-Efficiency Low EMI Boost Regulator
MCP7382 : Tiny 500mA linear charge management controller
L1 :  MCSDC0604-150YU 15uH 1.3A
Lithium Ion Battery : LG Chemical ICP423450C1  950mA x 2
PCM(Protection Circuit Modules) from  Old cell phone battery
For the rest, it is an usual thing

to do. 
add resettable fuse(poly switch) 
Genuine Fluke BP189 High Capacity Battery Pack(up to 450 hours)

Whould you calculating battery Life please?