Thursday, December 5, 2013

Build a USB to Fluke IR189usb (Infrared Radiation) Interface

Fluke 189 can be connected to a computer.
That allows easily to setup communication with such a device and automate measurements.
Fluke 189 needs Fluke IR189USB cable. This is a simple Infra-red interface device.

Home made Fluke IR 189 USB Cable Assembled

IR communications have advantages over wired serial connections. These advantages include: (a MICROCHIP AN758 clipping)

. No connectors to wear out
. IR transceivers are smaller than common serial connectors
. Total immunity from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and ower supply noise
. Very reliable, IR data is protected from errors using a 16-bit CRC algorithm (not applicable to this case)
. Easy availability, many mobile devices have IR ports but no serial ports

Testing & Prototyping

Most of a parts are recycled

Digital Camera Baterry Case, Semiconductors from Disassembled the PCB, USB Cable From Broken USB Mouse
IR LED/Photo TR Holder from Broken DC Adapter Jack, a piece of acrylic, a piece of cloth, etc.


Using the Multimeter to Logging Data


Here is a pretty simple schematic of the circuit.

ST-7L,ST3811 : Photo Transistor(Diode) or equivalent
EL-7L,SI3317 : Infrared Emitting Diodes(IRED) or equivalent
LM393 : Comparators or equivalent(I had a Prototyping with LM319N)
FT232RL,MCP2200,PL2303: USB UART IC or equivalent
For the rest, it is an usual thing

Photo Transitor(Diode) Symbol

This is Genuine IR189Usb, Usb Cable For Fluke-18X, 28X DMM's
It’s not spectacular, and there’s no High-Tec. something. But The prices are a little high

Fluke Item# 2428108

Genuine IR 189 USB PCB
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