Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reverse Engineering S-11541B 320x240 LCD

another unidentified LCD Display Module

Introduce new LCD Module that unknown to you
"We do not have any other data or hookup info" said the seller. Price : 5,000WON (approx. 4.45 USD)

The S-11541B 320x240

Unknown Manufacturer, No Datasheet, any hookup information in google there is absolutely no info about this product.
This is the John Doe in LCD Module. but Luckily I found a Common/Segment Driver Datasheet.
My rule, The rule was proved, previous post So, works other LCD module as well
My Rule.

Poduct of Reverse Engineering
This is Result  & Works perfectly

Reverse engineering

Application Example (LC79431 Datasheet)

Common driver LC79431(3) 

. On-chip LCD drive circuit (80 bits)
. Display duty selection ranging from 1/64 to 1/256
. On-chip input/output pins support a further increases in bit number
. Supports externally supplied bias voltage
. Operating power supply voltage/operating temperature include
  VDD (Logic section) : 2.7 to 5.5V/-20 to +85°C
  VDD-VEE (LCD section) : 12 to 32V/-20 to +85°C
. CMOS process
. 100-pin flat plastic package (QIP100E)

Segment driver LC79401(4)

. Incorporates LCD drive circuits for 80 bits of display.
. Supports display duties from 1/64 to 1/256
. The provision of a chip disable pin supports power reduction in large-scale panels.
. Allows external provision of the bias power supply
. Operating supply voltage/operating temperature
  VDD (logic block) : 2.7 to 5.5V/-20 to +85°C
  VDD-VEE (LCD block) : 12 to 32V/-20 to +85°C
. Data transfer clock : 6.0MHz (max), bidirectional shifting supported
. Data input : 4-bit parallel input
. CMOS process
. 100-pin flat plastic package (QIP100E)

1   V0     ?       ?    ?
2   VEE    IC9     11   VEE
3   DI4    IC4~IC7 95   DI4   Data bus
4   DI3            96   DI3
5   DI2            97   DI2
6   DI1            98   DI1
7   VSS                 GND
8   VDD                 +5v
9   CP     IC4~IC7 99   CP    Bidirectional shift register shift clock
                              (falling edge trigger)
10  LOAD   IC1~IC3 72   CP    Bidirectional shift register shift clock
                              (falling edge trigger)     Via R32(101) Resistor
           IC4~IC7 87   LOAD  Display data latch clock
                              (falling edge trigger)
                              The display data LCD drive signal is output on the
                              falling edge."      Via R32(101) Resistor
11  DIO80  IC1     82   FLM   First Line Mark     Via R34(101) Resistor
12  K            
13  A            
14 NC            

Additional Feature.
My analysis shows that  Unfortunately, the LCD doesn't have  Controller Chip, LCD Driving Voltage supply Chip and Backlight power supply Chip

LCD Driving  (VEE:24~27v  Negative Voltage ) Supply Circuit
VEE need  small current, i'm using the MC34063,
MC34063  are cheaper and easy to get

MC34063 Datasheet
MC34063 design tool

LED Backlight 24v Power Supply Circuit
I'm Using Micrel MC3287 White LED Driver (I was curious MC3287)
This LCD Backlight is required 24v(Max 40mA) So it is possible to do this or another MC34063

* I like Micrel Product, most especially temperatures characteristicis

Micrel MIC3287 Datasheet

Download Schematic(Eagle cad, pdf, png)
Download Source code
Download Common/Segment Driver datasheet
Download Reference Datasheet (similar in size and pin map to S-11541B)

EEPROM Contents Map (refer to the previous post "Reverse Engineering The DATA IMAGE  PY32201 320x200 LCD")
I2C EEPROM Initial Data Loader
Read from internal Flash : 14ms(320x211 bitmap)
Read from External I2C EEPROM : 112ms(320x213 bitmap)
any others.

I needed a couple of things and then I just kept buying.
The boxes are stacked in the corner (sigh...)