Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BK 875A LCR Meter High Capacity Battery Pack

7.4v Lithium-Ion 1,550mA

I used an old BK Precision 875A LCR meter to do  measurements, and here is what it looks like

This is good working condition but There’s one problem., Battery Life is too short!!
According to the Manual ,
Battery Life :  40 Hours typical(alkaline), Current Consumption : 13mA

There is also the problem of expense (9v Energizer Alkaline is 3,200Won, approx. 3$)

So, I  decided to make battery pack

First.  Make sure, inspect the Low Voltage threshold
That means Battery Pack voltage is must have a minimum of 7.1v

Second. Choose battery,
Well, take your pick.

Many are called but few are chosen. ^^;

Charging...  Almost done.

Finally. Test
I'll show you the figure.

It was so easy to be a DIY ^^

couple years ago i bought local surplus site, 1,500Won(piece)
7.4v(8,4v) 1,550mA 2-Cell Lithium Battery Only 1,500Won(approx. $1.4)!!
Additionally, LG chemical Battery(Made in Korea)
* LG battery is Really Prime Product

Dear. 9V Battery   I bid you adieu.

I'm comming after you next, Mr. Fluke

Soon after.........

Previous version has a lot to be improved.
I decided to new Battery pack

Try and be neater!!!

Download Schematic(Eagle cad, pdf, png, datasheet)

Ready to assemble them

The assemblage of the parts took several hours.
assemble a parts

DC to DC Converter Test
DC Charging Current(220~340mA)
Battery Charger Test (270mA)


This error un did all  my efforts ^^;;;

It wouldn’t do you any harm to smarten yourself up.

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