Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reverse Engineering The DATA IMAGE PY32201 320x200 LCD

An unidentified LCD Display Module

"We do not have any other data or hookup info" said the seller. Price : 6,000WON (approx. 5.39 USD),

The PY32201 320x200
DATA IMAGE is one of the most famous LCD manufacturer in the world.
but, there is absolutely no info about this product. Why I have to Reverse Engineering an PY32201 LCD Display.
I guess there was a Custom Graphic module

Poduct of Reverse Engineering
This is Result  & Works perfectly

Reverse engineering

I'm gonna show you how to reverse engineering an unidentified LCD Display Module.
Don't worry, Hi-Tech. Not Required, Just need Common Sense and Google.


Common/Segment Driver : SAMSUNG S6B2086 (80 Channel TQFP type)
. Power supply voltage: + 5V ± 10 %, + 3V ± 10%
. Supply voltage for display: 6 to 28V (VDD-VEE)
. 4-bit parallel/1-bit serial data processing (in segment mode)
. Single mode operation/dual mode operation (in common mode)
. Power down function (in segment mode)
. Applicable LCD duty: 1/64 , 1/256


Job Log.

1 NC U1~U7 62 DISPOFFB(YDIS) Display OFF control
U10 3 SHDN  
VDD Via 1M Resistor  
2 FLM U1 66 D4_DR First Line Mark (YD)
3 CL1 U1~U7 72 CL1 – In common driver application mode,
   CL1 is used as a shifting clock of common output data.
– In segment driver application mode,
  this signal is used for latching the shift register contents at the falling edge of this clock pulse
4 CL2 U4~U7 70 CL2 Clock pulse input for the bi-directional shift register.
5 V0 U1~U7 55 VEE  
6 VDD        
7 VSS        
8 VEE U10     Negative LCD Contrast Bias Power Supply Out Via Diode
9 D1 U4~U7 69 D1_DIS Display data input/serial input data/left, right data input output
10 D2 68 D2_DL
11 D3 67 D3_DM
12 D4 66 D4_DR
13 VSS        
14 EL1        
15 EL2        
16 M U1~U7 61 M Alternate signal input pin for LCD driving.

Additional Feature
EL Driver
Alternate Parts. 
    Supertex inc.  HV816
    IMP                IMP522,IMP528
    MAXIM           MAX4990

EPSON SED1335F Controller


   Things I've bought in flea markets & Local surplus site
      SED1335 Controller Board :  17,000WON (Approx. 15.24 USD)
      Atmega324p, I2C EEPROM  pcb : 1,500WON (Approx.  1.34USD)



Source Code

EEPROM Contents Map

EL Driver

Backlight Off.

EL Backlight On.

Useful Link.

An unidentified LCD Display Module,  if you want to get adventurous, This is good choice.
In conclusion, It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.

Hi-Tech. Not Required.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

BK 875A LCR Meter High Capacity Battery Pack

7.4v Lithium-Ion 1,550mA

I used an old BK Precision 875A LCR meter to do  measurements, and here is what it looks like

This is good working condition but There’s one problem., Battery Life is too short!!
According to the Manual ,
Battery Life :  40 Hours typical(alkaline), Current Consumption : 13mA

There is also the problem of expense (9v Energizer Alkaline is 3,200Won, approx. 3$)

So, I  decided to make battery pack

First.  Make sure, inspect the Low Voltage threshold
That means Battery Pack voltage is must have a minimum of 7.1v

Second. Choose battery,
Well, take your pick.

Many are called but few are chosen. ^^;

Charging...  Almost done.

Finally. Test
I'll show you the figure.

It was so easy to be a DIY ^^

couple years ago i bought local surplus site, 1,500Won(piece)
7.4v(8,4v) 1,550mA 2-Cell Lithium Battery Only 1,500Won(approx. $1.4)!!
Additionally, LG chemical Battery(Made in Korea)
* LG battery is Really Prime Product

Dear. 9V Battery   I bid you adieu.

I'm comming after you next, Mr. Fluke

Soon after.........

Previous version has a lot to be improved.
I decided to new Battery pack

Try and be neater!!!

Download Schematic(Eagle cad, pdf, png, datasheet)

Ready to assemble them

The assemblage of the parts took several hours.
assemble a parts

DC to DC Converter Test
DC Charging Current(220~340mA)
Battery Charger Test (270mA)


This error un did all  my efforts ^^;;;

It wouldn’t do you any harm to smarten yourself up.