Thursday, December 5, 2013

Build a USB to Fluke IR189usb (Infrared Radiation) Interface

Fluke 189 can be connected to a computer.
That allows easily to setup communication with such a device and automate measurements.
Fluke 189 needs Fluke IR189USB cable. This is a simple Infra-red interface device.

Home made Fluke IR 189 USB Cable Assembled

IR communications have advantages over wired serial connections. These advantages include: (a MICROCHIP AN758 clipping)

. No connectors to wear out
. IR transceivers are smaller than common serial connectors
. Total immunity from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and ower supply noise
. Very reliable, IR data is protected from errors using a 16-bit CRC algorithm (not applicable to this case)
. Easy availability, many mobile devices have IR ports but no serial ports

Testing & Prototyping

Most of a parts are recycled

Digital Camera Baterry Case, Semiconductors from Disassembled the PCB, USB Cable From Broken USB Mouse
IR LED/Photo TR Holder from Broken DC Adapter Jack, a piece of acrylic, a piece of cloth, etc.


Using the Multimeter to Logging Data


Here is a pretty simple schematic of the circuit.

ST-7L,ST3811 : Photo Transistor(Diode) or equivalent
EL-7L,SI3317 : Infrared Emitting Diodes(IRED) or equivalent
LM393 : Comparators or equivalent(I had a Prototyping with LM319N)
FT232RL,MCP2200,PL2303: USB UART IC or equivalent
For the rest, it is an usual thing

Photo Transitor(Diode) Symbol

This is Genuine IR189Usb, Usb Cable For Fluke-18X, 28X DMM's
It’s not spectacular, and there’s no High-Tec. something. But The prices are a little high

Fluke Item# 2428108

Genuine IR 189 USB PCB
FlukeView® Forms Documentation Software by Fluke


Useful Links

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Noritake Itron GU256X64-901A VFD(Vacuum Fluorescent Display)

Digital Thermometer vs. NTC thermistors

Why VFD (Vacuum fluorescent Display)?

Compared to LED, VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) is compact and light weighted, has excellent readability with a wide viewing angle, high reliability and long life span. VFD is a self-illuminating display with high brightness and visibility whereas LCD can be seen only when there are added backlight since it does not emit backlight itself. VFD also has higher color representation, better graphic display quality than LED

That's the why.

A few month ago, i got a Vacuum-Fluorescent-Display (VFD),  Unfortunately No longer display the data

GU256X64-901A 256 x 64 Dot Graphic VFD
Operating Temp -40°C to +85°C
Single 5V Supply.
High Brightness Blue Green Display
8 bit High Speed Parallel Interface
ASCII + Extended Character Font
Twin Graphic/Character RAM
4 Level Brightness Control Function

Parameter Symbol Value Condition
Power Supply Voltage VCC 5.0VDC +/- 5% GND=0V
Power Supply Current ICC 1.4ADC typ. Vcc=5V
Logic High Input VIH 3.5VDC min. -
Logic Low Input VIL 1.5VDC max. -
Logic High Output VOH 4.0VDC min. IOH = -2mA
Logic Low Output VOL 0.4VDC max. IOL =4mA
The power on rise time should be less than 100ms.The inrush current at power on can be 2 x ICC

Some repair by the former owner, Missing Inductor, Damage PCB Trace, Crushed Capacitor
Are you all right?

Fuse OK, Soldered the damage trace and missing part back together(temporarily)
Fix Inductor, 47uH,DC Resistance Max : 0.079Ω, RMS Current (Irms) : 3.7A
after completing repairs

Self Test(Top Left Coner Pin 1,2 Short), 
VFD phosphors will burn in with repetitive images.
shows common legends from the convenience store Warning mesage
"19세 미만의 청소년에게는 술, 담배를 판매하지 않습니다" 
"We don't sell drink and cigarette for under 19"

Stil Alive! anyway.
Self Test(Top Left Coner Pin 1,2 Short)


Color filters(Smoke, Orange, Red)

1. Font data to interface with a serial EEPROM using the I2C, refer to font.h
2. VFD module has Pixel orientation per Byte: D7..D0 (MSB First) characteristics,
refer to font.c

If you dont want Serial EEPROM, Modify fonts.h (see below, read comment)
#define FONT_EXTERNAL_EEPROM      1  // 1:External EEPROM,0:Internal Flash
#define FONT_HANGUL               1  // 1:Hangul are used in this program
 * Internall Flash memory
 * Select desired fonts. (Simply comment out those not needed)
/////#define FONT_ARIAL_NARROW_8_X12        
/////#define FONT_ARIAL_NARROW_12_X16
/////#define FONT_ARIAL_NARROW_13_X16B
/////#define FONT_ARIAL_NARROW_18_X23B

static uint8_t _reverse_bits(uint8_t data)
 * Reverse Bits of a byte
 * Why reverse bits?
 * I do not create work, use existing Column Major Font Data.
 * SAMSUNG KS0108 is a representative Controller of the Column Major
 * And Pixel orientation per Byte: D0..D7 (LSB First) characteristics.
 * LSB First rules generally apply to Column Major Coltroller
 * But Noritake VFD is D7..D0(MSB First) that is the reverse (Futaba Dot Matrix VFD are the same)
 * That's the why.
 * Column Major Display Pixel orientation per Byte (from top to bottom)
 *      row             most cases   Noritake,Futaba
 *       0                 0               7
 *       1                 1               6
 *       2                 2               5
 *       3                 3               4
 *       4                 4               3
 *       5                 5               2
 *       6                 6               1
 *       7                 7               0
 *       8                 0               7
 *       9                 1               6
 *      10                 2               5
 *       .                 .               .
 *       .                 .               .
 *       .                 .               .
 *      64                 7               0
 * Time Complexity: O(log n)
 * O(n log n) is better performace but i cannot found googgle

Useful Links
in 1967, He is the inventor of a Vacuum fluorescent display called the VFD
has passed away on March 25, 2013.

Monday, July 1, 2013


A Square LCD

I found a interesting LCD Module in the My Favorite surplus site

Square LCD,

They are very few and far between.
I don't know what else to do at first
I was indeed inspired from Aviation Instrument.
I tink a implement Analog Style Instrument,  Analog Clock is useful Technics.


- LCD type STN/Y-G/Positive/Transflective
- LCD duty 1/128
- Viewing direction 6:00 O’clock
- Module size (W×H×T) 72.4 × 69.9 × 13.5mm MAX mm
- Number of dots 128 × 128 dots
- Dot size (W×H) 0.32 × 0.32 mm
- Dot pitch (W×H) 0.35 × 0.35 mm
- Backlight type/Color LED side backlight / Yellow-Green
- Controller : T6963CFG


- Resolution up to 240x128 pixels or 320x64 pixels
- Capable of displaying text and graphics      
- Build-in character generator ROM (CG-ROM) with 12
- 8 bit parallel bus and signal lines for interfacifrom and to
   the micro controller are multiplexed on
- Capable of controlling up to 64 kByte of external have 8 kBytes of VRAM)                        
- Duty Ratio for display multiplex driving in the range of 1/16 up to 1/128
- Current consumption 3-4 mA maximum          
- Build-in crystal oscillator                  
- Operating temperature -20 to +70 degrees Celsius

DALLAS MAXIM DS3232 Extremely Accurate I2C RTC Features.
- Accuracy ±2ppm from 0°C to +40°C
   in other words 63.072 Second per Year errors (0.173 Second Per Day error)
- Accuracy ±3.5ppm from -40°C to +85°C
- Battery Backup Input for Continuous Timekeeping
- Operating Temperature Ranges
     Commercial: 0°C to +70°C
     Industrial: -40°C to +85°C
- 236 Bytes of Battery-Backed SRAM
- Low-Power Consumption
- Real-Time Clock Counts Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Day, Date, Month,
  and Year with Leap Year Compensation Valid Up to 2099
- Two Time-of-Day Alarms
- Programmable Square-Wave Output
- Fast (400kHz) I2C Interface
- 3.3V Operation
- Digital Temp Sensor Output: ±3°C Accuracy
- Register for Aging Trim
- RST Input/Output
- 300-Mil, 20-Pin SO Package
- Underwriters Laboratories Recognized

Additional Feature.

The LCD doesn't have  LCD Driving Voltage supply Chip
I2C Real Time Module

LCD Driving  (VEE:11v  Negative Voltage ) Supply Circuit
VEE need  small current, i'm using the MC34063,
MC34063  are cheaper and easy to get
MC34063 Datasheet
MC34063 design tool

DS3232 RTC Module
DS3232 is very accurate therefore Expensive
63.072 Second per Year errors (0.173 Second Per Day error)
DS3232 Datasheet

The days of the week is written in Chinese

// User define external Character
uint8_t pstr_custom_font[] PROGMEM =          // 日月火水木金土
    0x00,0x1E,0x12,0x12,0x1E,0x12,0x12,0x1E,    // 日   Sun
    0x1F,0x11,0x1F,0x11,0x1F,0x11,0x11,0x23,     // 月   Mon
    0x08,0x09,0x2A,0x08,0x1C,0x14,0x22,0x22,    // 火   Tue
    0x08,0x09,0x3E,0x0C,0x1A,0x29,0x08,0x18,    // 水   Wed
    0x08,0x08,0x3E,0x08,0x1C,0x2A,0x29,0x08,    // 木   Thu
    0x04,0x0A,0x11,0x0E,0x04,0x1F,0x0E,0x1F,    // 金   Fri
    0x00,0x04,0x04,0x0E,0x04,0x04,0x04,0x1F,     // 土   Sat

// User define external Character address
uint8_t wdays[] =  

//      日   月   火  水    木  金   土


// Writes single char pattern to character generator area of display RAM memory
static void set_custom_font(void)
  uint8_t sz = sizeof(pstr_custom_font);
uint8_t i;


  for(i=0; i


Download Schematic(Eagle cad, pdf, png)
Download Source code
Download Datasheet(LCD Module, Controller, Application Note)

The T6963C datasheet is unclear regarding to horizontal resolution, Font Size, the number of columns and the pixel width of one column etc..
at this time Application Note is very helpful.

any others.
Dot also Square
Power Consuption(Backlight:220mA,
DC2DC Converter:140mA, others:120mA)
FFC Cable is too weak, So Safeguards are needed to protect.

Another Clock
Arduino Nokia 6100 LCD Analog Clock Demo
Analog Clock on GLCD – Drawing the Face
Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope Clock

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Reverse Engineering S-11541B 320x240 LCD

another unidentified LCD Display Module

Introduce new LCD Module that unknown to you
"We do not have any other data or hookup info" said the seller. Price : 5,000WON (approx. 4.45 USD)

The S-11541B 320x240

Unknown Manufacturer, No Datasheet, any hookup information in google there is absolutely no info about this product.
This is the John Doe in LCD Module. but Luckily I found a Common/Segment Driver Datasheet.
My rule, The rule was proved, previous post So, works other LCD module as well
My Rule.

Poduct of Reverse Engineering
This is Result  & Works perfectly

Reverse engineering

Application Example (LC79431 Datasheet)

Common driver LC79431(3) 

. On-chip LCD drive circuit (80 bits)
. Display duty selection ranging from 1/64 to 1/256
. On-chip input/output pins support a further increases in bit number
. Supports externally supplied bias voltage
. Operating power supply voltage/operating temperature include
  VDD (Logic section) : 2.7 to 5.5V/-20 to +85°C
  VDD-VEE (LCD section) : 12 to 32V/-20 to +85°C
. CMOS process
. 100-pin flat plastic package (QIP100E)

Segment driver LC79401(4)

. Incorporates LCD drive circuits for 80 bits of display.
. Supports display duties from 1/64 to 1/256
. The provision of a chip disable pin supports power reduction in large-scale panels.
. Allows external provision of the bias power supply
. Operating supply voltage/operating temperature
  VDD (logic block) : 2.7 to 5.5V/-20 to +85°C
  VDD-VEE (LCD block) : 12 to 32V/-20 to +85°C
. Data transfer clock : 6.0MHz (max), bidirectional shifting supported
. Data input : 4-bit parallel input
. CMOS process
. 100-pin flat plastic package (QIP100E)

1   V0     ?       ?    ?
2   VEE    IC9     11   VEE
3   DI4    IC4~IC7 95   DI4   Data bus
4   DI3            96   DI3
5   DI2            97   DI2
6   DI1            98   DI1
7   VSS                 GND
8   VDD                 +5v
9   CP     IC4~IC7 99   CP    Bidirectional shift register shift clock
                              (falling edge trigger)
10  LOAD   IC1~IC3 72   CP    Bidirectional shift register shift clock
                              (falling edge trigger)     Via R32(101) Resistor
           IC4~IC7 87   LOAD  Display data latch clock
                              (falling edge trigger)
                              The display data LCD drive signal is output on the
                              falling edge."      Via R32(101) Resistor
11  DIO80  IC1     82   FLM   First Line Mark     Via R34(101) Resistor
12  K            
13  A            
14 NC            

Additional Feature.
My analysis shows that  Unfortunately, the LCD doesn't have  Controller Chip, LCD Driving Voltage supply Chip and Backlight power supply Chip

LCD Driving  (VEE:24~27v  Negative Voltage ) Supply Circuit
VEE need  small current, i'm using the MC34063,
MC34063  are cheaper and easy to get

MC34063 Datasheet
MC34063 design tool

LED Backlight 24v Power Supply Circuit
I'm Using Micrel MC3287 White LED Driver (I was curious MC3287)
This LCD Backlight is required 24v(Max 40mA) So it is possible to do this or another MC34063

* I like Micrel Product, most especially temperatures characteristicis

Micrel MIC3287 Datasheet

Download Schematic(Eagle cad, pdf, png)
Download Source code
Download Common/Segment Driver datasheet
Download Reference Datasheet (similar in size and pin map to S-11541B)

EEPROM Contents Map (refer to the previous post "Reverse Engineering The DATA IMAGE  PY32201 320x200 LCD")
I2C EEPROM Initial Data Loader
Read from internal Flash : 14ms(320x211 bitmap)
Read from External I2C EEPROM : 112ms(320x213 bitmap)
any others.

I needed a couple of things and then I just kept buying.
The boxes are stacked in the corner (sigh...)